From the couple...

Weddings and registries go hand-in-hand these days, and so in case you were looking, here is ours! We tried to cover all the bases: things we need to live, things we want to live well, and things that won't make us feel TOO much like grown-ups just yet!

Regardless, if you're here to look through the registries, we just wanted to go ahead and say thank you! We really appreciate the support that we're getting, whether it be in your thoughts and prayers or in a gift from the registry. Both of those things we are outrageously thankful for and will treasure forever! If you are here to pick something from the registry, we want to say an extra thank you for helping turn our house into a home!

-Kirby & Alex

Our Registries:

Bed, Bath, & Beyond

What better way to feel like an adult than to shop at Bed, Bath, & Beyond? For all our "grown-up" essentials like plates, silverware (or as we learned, flatware), and lots of other things, look no further!


We are HUGE Amazon fans--approximately 93.2% of the things around us on a daily basis are from Amazon in some fashion! Since we seem to have a crazy affection for the book-distributor-turned-web-giant, we found a lot of things on Amazon for the registry! For a very (and we mean VERY) diverse selection of things, click here!


What better way to AVOID feeling like an adult than to order pizza when you don't want to cook? We saw that Domino's had a registry, and quickly decided that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to say that part of our registry was made up of pizza. If you want to help us avoid adult things such as cooking, check this out!